Visit Us

We would like to welcome students, academics and practisioners from IT related areas to get to know FSD. You will have the opportunity to meet us, get introduced to our employees, organizational culture and get insights in our f-life.

Meet us

We invite you to make a tour through our offices and workspaces, meet our developers and see how work in process looks like. You will be provided with the possibility to test our solutions or even perform wide corpus of hands-ons with our hardware and software infrastructure.

Have a discussion with us

In our friendly environment we could talk about newest trends and innovation in IT and business, exchange opinions, experiences and knowledge. Furthermore, we could discuss opportunities for collaboration and joint projects. We are open to hear about your ideas and solutions.


If you would like to know how we do business and what our development area is, apply for a short meeting. We would contact you shortly and share our experience in a pleasant conversation to discuss common topics.

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