WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019

Posted on:

18th June, 2019

Largest event for developers in Europe

Posted on: 18th June, 2019

As a learning organization we continuously encourage our colleagues to learn more and gain knowledge through different mechanisms. By means of support to our learning company culture every team member has an opportunity to attend conferences based on their interests.

Second time in a row our colleagues decided to visit World’s largest developers conference organized this year in Berlin on 6th and 7th of June -- We are developers.

Themes covered the five flavors of software development:

  • Constructing Worlds

    The theme of building end-to-end software solutions, gathered mostly Frontend andUX Developers due to the fact that the main subject was Frontend, UX, Mobile with the following subtopics about Languages and Frameworks, etc.

  • Applying Disruption

    Being a World’s largest conference imposes some must-have on the following trends. This conference could not go without Blockchain and AI lectures and therefore our developers got a chance to hear what emerging technologies specialists had to put focus on. One of the great names with whom they shared ideas was Andreas Antonopoulos, a bitcoin advocate and author of Mastering bitcoin, a book that has significant impact on blockchain development.

  • Unchaining Engineering

    IoT, extended reality, mobility, robotics, gaming and entertainment are breaking the boundaries of computing devices and approaches to the user.

  • Controlling Complexity

    Security is pretty an important topic in an IT world so there is no reason to explain why so many speakers (17 of them) talked about this.

  • Coding Society

    This was last but not the least of five flavors of software development. The main question was how the ethics will impact the coding of the future?

Every visitor got an agenda with timeline where they could choose between topics and speakers. Even though every speaker, every topic and every workshop provided an opportunity for them to learn something new, our developers were most satisfied with the lecture given by Rasmus Lerdorf, the inventor of PHP whose topic was: 25 years of PHP.

All in all, our colleagues enjoyed the conference and the opportunity to meet and discuss developers from various countries. We are already ready for the next year!