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4th July, 2019

Internship experience

Posted on: 4th July, 2019

Internship practices are fSD’s cup of tea every time interns could be provided with a mentor at their disposal. Moreover the most important key person is a mentor as a person responsible for guiding trainees through the whole process. Meet Nedeljko Kuzmanovic, a software developer as well as a student at Faculty of Technical Sciences, who joined our community firstly as an intern and soon afterwards as an employee.

Could you explain to us your path to fSD?

I was first focused on software development long before I enrolled the faculty and my goal was to work as a software developer. However, being a student of mechatronics and realizing that this branch is not aimed at programming as much, I knew that I needed to develop my technical skills as quickly as possible in order to be competitive, in a rapidly growing IT world. As a result I figured out that employment , or internship, was the best choice for me. After failure of other companies to recognize my potential fSD was the first one to notice it and continues to do so, even nowadays.

How did you know that internship at fSD would be a good choice?

At first I did not know what I am getting into. Through selection process my intuition was telling me that this company where I am still hired was the place where I could start and maybe develop a long-term business relationship. When I was strongly determined to start an internship I contacted all the IT companies I was familiar with. fSD promptly replied to my initial email that no mentor was available at the time, but after a while the situation has fortunately changed and I was invited to the first interview.

What changed since you got here?

Well, everything. In the beginning while I was still an intern every task that I was involved in was thoroughly monitored. By means of this aid I started fully growing my technical knowledge and applying it with greater self-confidence. Being constantly given both positive and constructive feedback I took advantage of making initial mistakes. From that point a lot of things have changed. At this moment, on the one hand, I do not need to get approval for every my step, but on the other hand I can always rely on my team lead.

Any advice to your colleagues that are currently seeking for an internship?

My advice to all potentially interested young people, that are currently seeking for an internship, is to look for a place where they are surrounded with competitive co-workers, with an opportunity to be guided be a devoted mentor and a chance to express themselves and their opinions, as well as a healthy company culture.

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