International apprenticeship at FSD: Graphic design

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15th August, 2019

Accelerate Serbia: AIESEC Internship

Posted on: 15th August, 2019

Third time in a row FSD decided to take a participation in Accelerate Serbia, Global internship project organized by AIESEC. This summer we have had a chance to meet Maria from Greece. She spent six weeks at fSD, during the summer, as Graphic design intern.

Could you introduce yourself to us?

I am Maria Papavasileiou, 21 years old, and I am studying Economics in Greece. My biggest dream is to create my own start up in order to be independent. Moreover, I would like to put my focus on marketing one day. At first I did not have any idea which sector I would like to be in, but one day when I was having breakfast with my sister, the idea of Economics popped up. Apart from this, I honestly don’t see my future in Greece, but rather somewhere abroad.

Considering the fact that you are a student at the Faculty of Economics in Thessaloniki, how come did you decide to choose the apprenticeship in graphic design?

Actually, I was applying for a marketing position in any region within Europe, and by accident I decided to apply for a graphic design position. After many interviews, the one that accepted me was fortunately FSD. Additionally, I have my YouTube channel, so graphic design is something that I need to learn in order to create videos and post everything I need for social media, in general.

Is it just a coincidence that you ended up in Serbia?

No, actually since I was looking for a European country that is similar to a Greek civilization in terms of tradition and culture. That is why I was applying only here in Europe. At first I got a suggestion by AIESEC team to try my luck in Egypt, but I turned it down. Meanwhile, I was waiting for a better opportunity and in the end it turned out to be the best one.

How did you enjoy FSD’s company culture?

FSD for me was like my first job and the culture helped me to fit in easily because of friendly colleagues, willing to help me in any moment when I need it. Everyone helped me to gain more knowledge, even if it was not area of expertise. Walking among the offices in FSD was similar to the experience of being surrounded by friends. One particular aspect that I would like to point out are the moments that I spent with them in the chill room. The first day I entered the premises, they invited me to play darts with them on their break and I particularly liked it. Also, when it comes to lunch, I must admit I really enjoyed it, especially the fact that I did my best to teach them something new and interesting about Greece, my homeland.

If you had the chance to choose another area of expertise to deal with as an apprentice, would you still opt for the same?

Definitely, yes. As I originally wanted to be a marketing manager, trying out new things would help me in being completely sure that that field is the one I really want. To be honest, the fact of being here helped me to realise that maybe, one day in the future I would like to combine both graphic design and marketing as these two are distinctly inseparable. In any case, I would not like choose another company, either.

Did this apprenticeship inspire you to take graphic design as your career path?

As I already mentioned in the previous question, it did change my mindset related to it. Nowadays, the demands on the global market are such that one needs to possess multiple skills in order to thrive on them and be noticed by the professionals. Perhaps, it is will not be my career path but is something that I do not have intention of leaving it.

Would you recommend this type of knowledge gain for those potentially interested in AIESEC, FSD and Serbia?

For sure! Here, I got the best experience for being hired as an intern for the first time. Coming here also meant that I had to face some challenges and certain difficulties, but that also helped me become more mature, be responsible of myself and manage on my own. For this reason, I would definitely recommend to all of them, having aspirations in following in my footsteps and getting out of their comfort zone. Additionally, I learned that Serbia is the country that does support a variety of different cultures and traditions and made me feel at home.