FSD in Dubai

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5th May, 2018

IT Summits 2018

Posted on: 5th May, 2018

Dubai is always a great place to be and this year we had more than one good reason to visit it. We attended the ArabNet Digital Summit and the Future Blockchain Summit later that week. It was an amazing experience to listen to some of the greatest minds of today and to learn more about the latest digital innovations.

ArabNet Digital Summit 2018 in Dubai

First conference we attended was ArabNet Digital Summit in Dubai on April 30th and May 1st. More than 1500 visitors all around the globe came to listen to 90 digital experts from various industries. The conference consisted of five forums - Money, Smart Economy, Investment, Media & Adtech and Real Estate Tech Forum. Keynote speakers and panelists at every forum discussed latest digital technologies and their impact on the industry.

Panel that we learned the most from was The Bank of the Future. Zubair Ahmed, CIO at Emirates Islamic bank gave some interesting insights into agile banking. He also talked about attracting top tech talents, using blockchain for KYC, merging technology and business and many more.

Future Blockchain Summit 2018 in Dubai

Second conference we have been to is all about the blockchain. Blockchain is the most talked about technology in an IT industry right now. It is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies, but its potential is way greater than that. It could transform the economic and social system and shape the future of many different industries. That is why we have been to the Future Blockchain Summit 2018 that took place in Dubai on 2nd and 3rd of May.

Dubai is known for leading digital innovation in its region. The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will transform Dubai into the first blockchain powered government. The idea is to create an open platform that could be used all around the world after it is implemented in UAE.

Future Blockchain Summit gathered startup tech leaders and the Dubai government blockchain leaders. It was a unique opportunity to learn and discuss with some of the most successful technology leaders of today. There was more than 60 experts who took the stage to talk about their projects and plans for the future. Speakers came from different industries and they were specialising in various areas of the blockchain ecosystem. There was also first blockchain projects showcase in the world.

Visiting both of these conferences was a great learning experience and helpful for present and future projects and challenges.