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20th December, 2019

Career starter

Posted on: 20th December, 2019

This month we decided to spend some time in piling up the interview material for you to meet Dunja, a Graphic design engineer and our Web developer. We are more than happy to have her in our team and in order to get to know her career path read the text below.

Could you tell us something more about yourself?

If you refer only to my career life, then, firstly, I would say that I live and work in Novi Sad. At the moment I am working as a web developer here in fSD, and before this job, I graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences as an Engineer of graphic engineering and design. I was a front end developer apprentice for a few months and after that, I got this job.

To what degree did your studies help you to take a step forward to FSD?

As I mentioned before, I am a graphic engineer so it may sound a bit unusual, but actually, it is all connected. Our department provides a multidisciplinary studying program, so I had a chance to learn a lot from a variety of fields besides graphic engineering, including web design and development, too.

How did the shift in terms of subject-matter expertise happen and what was that milestone?

As much as multidiscipline is a good thing, after finishing my bachelor studies, I wasn’t sure what would I like to do for a living. I was having second thoughts in terms of two fields - web development and web design. I got an apprenticeship as a front end developer, so this cleared the way for the front end area, which, eventually, fits me best. I could definitely say that milestone was the apprenticeship.

Could you say for sure if this position fits you like winter gloves?

Yes, definitely it fits me best. Thanks to my mentors I learned a lot about this job and proceeded to learn something more every day. What is more, my great interest in this field certainly contributed to my professional development. Apart from everything I mentioned previously, I would definitely point out that giving each other a hand in a need is a step forward in general.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

Based on my experience so far, I would definitely like to see myself as an improved javascript/frontend developer with more knowledge and experience in this area and its subareas.