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15th May, 2019

Assertiveness as a way of life

Posted on: 15th May, 2019

The Assertive communication course was held in our company’s offices during March and April and by the time we have finished with workshops where all the participants got valuable knowledge of communication skills.

Soft skills workshops organized in FSD were conducted in cooperation with Tim center, a consulting house for human resources and our partner for various sorts of practices. In that manner the course of Assertive communication was orchestrated by Danka Đukanović, one of the Tim center’s consultants specialising in in-house trainings.

In the last session all the participants have got a certificate for finishing the course successfully, namely, one certificate for one colleague. However, there was a person who got two certificates, one from Tim center and the other one from the group and her name is Ivana Amidžić.

In the following interview, we would do our best to help you create an accurate picture of who she is and the position she is in.

Can you tell us something about yourself, as to give us a brief introduction into the whole story?

I have been a translator, as well as, both English and German tutor for the last couple of years, here in FSD. I have always been passionate about languages, even back then when I was playing in the kindergarten. My peers and I used to imagine that we had our own made-up language that only we understood and nobody else. What strongly supported this, at first sight, childish idea was my education in Karlovačka grammar school and subsequently my higher education at Faculty of Philosophy, here in Novi Sad. Since then I am proud of having earned a Master’s Degree in the English Language and Literature. However, my aspiration grew higher than that and for that reason I made up my mind to master one more foreign language and that is German. Two years later I successfully passed B2 level according to CEFR at Goethe-Institut.

When did you decide to take up the assertive communication training and what was you motive behind that decision? Have you already been familiar with the course before?

It is hard for me to tell exactly when was that Aha! moment when I realised I could really take an advantage of attending the course. I am surrounded by many of my friends who share the passion for psychology and nowadays, widely popular, books on motivational speeches. When the HR sent us the questionnaire to apply for the course via email, I started thinking about it. FSD has certainly organized many more courses beforehand. However, they were either oriented at solving issues arising between clients and their support, or took the direction of business-specific orientation. Although I am well-familiar with a variety of teaching methods, this was a great opportunity for me to expand my up-to-date knowledge and experience in the terms of communication. In the end, I absolutely enjoyed being part of the group, sharing everyday situations, trying to deepen my self-introspection and brush up on my communication skills, which is of high importance for the position am in.

What have you particularly liked about the training?

What I was most attracted by was definitely all the exercises where every single team member did their best to be fully involved in putting the theoretical concepts in practice, or acting it out. Moreover, it was more than obvious that our coach from TIM Center invested a lot of time and energy to come up with amusing and at the same time educational videos to teach us something valuable and applicable in the hustle and bustle of our lives. Apart from that one, FSD has organized many more workshops, trainings, presentations and the like to appeal to everyone’s taste and sense of additional progress of oneself as an individual and an employee, too. What is more, there were not any limitations to who can access any of the previously listed educational opportunities. The spirit of being willing to constantly work on oneself and the liberty of choice is certainly something employees here thrive on.

When it comes to soft skills in general, what others, that you do not already possess, would you like to work on?

As being capabilities that enhance an individual’s interactions, career prospects, as well as, one’s job performance, soft skills, in my opinion, are definitely worth long-term goals. This is best illustrated in a Chinese saying – You cannot eat a whole cow in one bite. For that reason I have been developing them by means of psychology books ever since I was at my studies and later on throughout my work. On the other hand, I would rather, for the time being, dedicate myself at improving the so-called hard skills. One of them has particularly grabbed my attention and that is networking skills such as blogging, or even online marketing. In that sense I would have to be well-educated on the tools and the proper techniques with which I would be able to express myself in an “internet-friendly” manner.