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18th April, 2019

Tech Afternoon

Posted on: 18th April, 2019

After organizing internal presentations that serve the purpose of knowledge sharing and personal as well as professional improvement we started helping the community by organizing workshops for students.

In cooperation with FONIS (Student organization) and ELAB (Department for e-business), we organized the workshop that was held at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, 11th April at 4pm. The students had to apply for the workshop and we were more than happy that we have successfully gathered those who were truly interested in the topic.

The very first Tech afternoon for a topic had Node.js, a fast, efficient, and highly scalable JavaScript runtime, while our colleague Filip Djordjević was their first lecturer. The idea of FONIS/ELAB Tech Afternoon is to occasionally organize workshops with lecturers from IT industry so the students could get some technical knowledge and become familiar with the products of the company lecturers work for.

When it comes to Node.js this topic was inspiring to us because we had a chance to show why and where to use it. A case in point is e-commerce. As our team of programmers has developed F- Web shop (e-commerce), Filip had a chance to show the students what was in the background of the application and what you could find in the backend.

Node.js is very popular in the IT industry, it is event driven, uses non- blocking I/O model and it is written in the same language on both front and back end (JS). It works on a single thread, supports tens of thousands of concurrent connects and all of these makes Node.js apps very fast and efficient.

We wish FONIS and ELAB a semester full of well-visited Tech afternoons.

If you are interested in sharing experience of Node.js usage feel free to contact us.