Blockchain Lecture

Posted on:

22th February, 2018

Attending a lecture on
"Blockchain - More than Crypto Currency"

Posted on: 22th February, 2018

We are proud to announce that our colegues gave a lecture on the topic of blockchain, at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the University of Belgrade. Our chief innovation officer Aleksandar together with Michael from Inflow, Austria, talked in a fully packed classroom about blockchain technologies and applications.

The lecturers described second and third generations of blockchain projects by focusing on DApps ( distributed apps). They provided a better overview of some real world examples of distributed apps, as well as, gave an insight into blockchain projects. In addition, they talked about Ethereum, Cardano, Neo and other projects. The idea was to clarify the world of blockchain and present use cases of systems that would benefit from blockchain technologies.

After the official part, more than 30 IT students took part in an informal discussion with lecturers.  We've been working on establishing blockchain community in Serbia and the surrounding region with an aim to promote and disseminate knowledge about blockchain applications.