Balkan Computer Congress - BalCCon2k18

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31st August, 2018


Posted on: 17th October, 2018

Balkan Computer Congress brings together international hacker community from all over Europe. It is organized by LUGoNS -- Linux User Group of Novi Sad, which is one of the oldest hacker communities in Serbia. BalCCon aims to become the biggest hacker community in this part of Europe. The conference is a great opportunity for hackers to come together, learn, hack, share knowledge and experiences.

Our system administrators and developers went to BalCCon for the third time in a row. The event agenda was divided into two main parts. The first part consisted of lectures, workshops and presentations. The second part were hands-on projects and hacking. The main topics of this year’s conference were hacking, UNIX tools and system security. Some of the most useful lectures were preventing blockchain security disasters, importance of backup and avoiding SQL injection attacks. We also enjoyed presentations about new Linux tools, as well as actual lock picking workshop.

The conference itself was a good addition to the ethical hacking workshop and other lectures that our system administrators have previously been to. We are always excited to learn something new, that is why we are looking forward to the BalCCon2k19!