Website Development

Create yourself in a Digital World

Web site development is one of the core expertise in our company. Being among the first web site designers in the region, we could offer you high quality web site solutions. Numerous web sites for various types of customers are the best proof of our quality. Our web developers have basic interdisciplinary skills including: graphic design / web design, information architecture and copywriting/copyediting along with having web usability, accessibility, responsiveness and search engine optimization in mind.

We harness all the newest technologies in terms of web site development: HTML 5, JavaScript frameworks, Less and Sass, mobile responsiveness, AJAX, CSS3, Bootstrap, etc.

Nemanja Djatkov

Chief Creative Officer

As a Chief creative officer, Nemanja provides our clients with a unique blend of perspectives as a designer, architect and consultant. What he brings is translated into an imaginative take on branding, design, and customer experience, represented in high-level thinking as well as visual, verbal and experiential expression. He works with and supervises the members of the creative team, including those responsible for branding, marketing, design, media outreach, and message development.

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