Software Engineering

Software Architecture and Data Optimization

When developing software products, we follow best practices and well-defined scientific principles, methods and techniques. Our expertise includes all the phases in software development: gathering requirements, feasibility study, software architecture design, coding, testing, system integration, implementation and maintenance. Accordingly we provide high class services regarding software engineering issues:

  • Code optimization
  • Software architecture
  • Writing software documentation, such as software requirement specification (SRS), software architecture document (SAD), etc.
  • Technology stack consulting
  • Data optimization
  • Integration of heterogeneous components in the IT ecosystem
  • Testing software
  • Requirements
  • Agile methodologies in software development
  • Education

We could provide highly skilled engineers with versatile knowledge in software engineering both in consulting as well as in developing according to specific needs and requirements. Briefly, we help you to get your software job done.

Dusan Petrovic

Chief Technology Officer

Dusan is one of the most experienced programmers in FSD. He has extensive knowledge and great skills in terms of web programming, particularly PHP language.

He establishes architectural principles, selects design patterns and then mentors team members. As a chief technology officer he is responsible for the management of an organization's research and development (R&D) and technological needs. He develops policies and procedures and uses technology to enhance products and services that focus on external customers.

Furthermore, he has been leading the F-leader project since the beginning.

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