Network Security
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Server Optimization and Maintenance

We deal with network and server optimization in an electronic communication system. A server has a more demanding role than the rest of the elements that require services from the server. A server or a network can display proper behaviour, and yield ordinary signs of operation, but still be largely underutilised. Translated in terms of economy, such usage is a loss.

We offer optimization of servers and networks to customers, a service that delivers the maximum capacity usage of a server or a network. Therefore, the loss is minimized.

We know how to get the best performance out of servers and networks. This is because we know just the right combination of building a server, designing and implementing a network, monitoring server's work, of maintenance required to keep the system running well, and of troubleshooting and add-ons necessary to get the features that the server or the network would not handle on their own.

Boris Grebnjev

Team Lead of System Administration

As head of system administration Boris is responsible for designing and supervision of servers and network infrastructure at fSD Ltd. He ensures that all systems on which the company application are deployed comply with the highest possible security standards. He has years of experience in designing ICT infrastructure from scratch using the cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, Boris constantly aspires towards brushing up his knowledge on system security, virtual infrastructure design, and high availability.

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