• FSD is a software company whose core activity is the development and implementation of web ERP system and complex web applications. Our fields of expertise are software development, consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services.

    We are here to provide solutions for your business challenges. Accordingly, nearshoring and outsourcing are quite common models of collaboration with us.

    Our team includes skilled IT experts who are driven by passion for cutting edge technologies and innovative ideas.

  • We offer a wide corpus of our F-products that include: web ERP solution, web shop and web content managements system. All the solutions we provide can be seamlessly integrated within your business ecosystem.

    Furthermore, we offer the following services: custom made software applications, IT consulting and engineering, web-site and mobile app development, communication and connectivity solutions, IT security and IT infrastructure management.

  • We have scalable teams that could adapt their time, availability and level of engagement according to the requirements and needs of each project. Numerous successful implementations in a variety of business areas are the best guarantee.

    If required, we can provide you with a bank guarantee on the projects in the amount of up to one million Euros.

  • We consist of a dedicated team of developers for every single project. Teams are based on each member's level of IT knowledge and experience. Each team is led by an experienced PMI project manager. We fully follow the agile methodologies in our work.

  • FSD is primarily focused on long-term projects and stable relationships with the partners. A typical project could be finished for 6-12 months and implies a team of 5-7 members. However, we are highly flexible and could adapt type and size to your needs, particularly when there is a potential for long-term collaboration.